Life Coaches and Med-Free Adult ADD Management

file0001045737811As more and more information is surfacing about the potential dangers of popular prescription ADD medications, a growing number of adults suffering from the disorder are beginning to reconsider their options. If you have ADD and have experienced life with and without medication, you know what a serious decision this is. Taking medications can provide huge benefits, but with those benefits can come a host of unwanted side effects, including psychosis and an increased risk of suicide.

That being said, the pull of the drugs can be strong for people who have struggled to maintain normal functioning without them. If you’re considering going off your medications, it is probably clear to you that being med-free doesn’t mean doing nothing. Unaddressed adult ADD can throw life into a tailspin, creating all sorts of issues you probably want to avoid. It is totally possible to live a happy, healthy, fully functional and productive life without medication, but you’re going to need to have a solid plan and supports in place.

file0001461878190If you aren’t sure where to begin in formulating a plan to deal with your ADD, a life coach may prove to be the perfect partner to help you succeed. When working with a life coach to address your ADD, you will have an ally in helping you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, figuring out which areas of your life are impacted by your ADD symptoms, and formulating a plan with goals and tools in place to help you get organized and keep your life on track.

Tips and Tools Your Life Coach Can Help You Utilize

  1. Diet – What you feed your brain matters. Numerous studies show that artificial dyes, preservatives, and flavor additives can exacerbate ADD symptoms. The brain is also negatively impacted and attention deficit worsens when your diet is low in vital nutrients and essential fatty acids. Your life coach can assist you in developing a diet plan that will prime your brain for optimal functioning.
  2. Exercise – If you have ADD or ADHD, you may very well know how important regular exercise is to calm your brain and help you focus. You may know this, but are you actually doing it? If not, your life coach can help you come up with an exercise regime that is high in cardio activities. While all exercise is good, you may want to consider getting as much of it outdoors as possible. A study performed on children with ADHD showed that exercising in “green” setting was more effective than exercising indoors or in outdoor setting that didn’t include natural landscaping.
  3. Meditation – Meditation can play an important role in quieting your mind. In fact, as little as five minutes a day can be beneficial, so a busy schedule won’t keep you from engaging in the practice. Ask your life coach for tips about how to develop a meditation practice.
  4. Sleep – Sleep and ADD pose a chicken or the egg scenario. We know that people with ADD tend to sleep less than their peers. We also know that not getting enough sleep aggravates ADD symptoms. It can be a vicious cycle that is hard to break. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your life coach can help you with sleep hygiene and the development of an effective bedtime routine.
  5. Lists, Schedules, and Organizational Systems – If you frequently lose track of important items, find yourself running late for meetings, have a messy house, and your budget is a mess or nonexistent, your life coach can help you use a variety of tips and tools to clean up your act.

Don’t Forget to Embrace the Positive

All of the above may sound like a lot of work. It definitely is! But take heart, the beginning is the hardest part, and you don’t have to do everything all at once. While it might sound like a lot to undertake, your life coach will help you break down big goals into simple, doable steps, so you won’t get overwhelmed. Once you’ve got the system in place, it will feel like second nature after a time, and you will be thrilled with how much more smoothly your life is running.

When you are taking all of the steps you can to control the negative symptoms of your ADD, something wonderful tends to occur… you can embrace the positives of being med-free with ADD. What you once viewed as a curse can actually be a gift. People with ADD tend to be highly creative, and as you probably know, when you’re in a zone of hyper-focus, you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time! If you haven’t realized this, it might be because you have felt so beaten down by the negatives. As you and your life coach uncover your strengths and talents, your self-esteem will be boosted, and you will be able to use your gifts to their fullest potential.


Devon is a Licensed Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Life Coach, and a nationally certified teacher.  She is committed to helping young people be their highest selves in all areas: body, mind, and spirit.  Her expertise, enthusiasm, energy and educational background serve to create a unique blend of services and techniques employed to help you reach your goals.  For training, coaching, or counseling sessions, please contact her at 505.469.0779 or