Stress Management for the Holidays

Stress Management for the Holidays

With holidays come stress. Why do we let ourselves become so stressed out?  How can we manage our stress?

Whether by wanting to create the perfect holiday, finding the right gift, dealing with family members who all want things their way, or just trying to make everyone happy on top of our normal day to day lives, the holiday season can be anything but jolly if we don't take precautionary measures .

Take a moment and refocus on what is really important. Is it spending time with your loved ones, helping others in need, or the spirit of the season? Know what is really important to you about the true meaning of the holidays.  Write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror or the rear view mirror in your car so that you can keep your focus.  If the commercialism gets to be too much, turn off your television and opt for a holiday CD.

Don’t try to control the holiday. Welcome changes and take each day as it comes. Remember you can only be responsible for taking control of you and your feelings.  Give for the sake of giving, not for the sake of getting.  And when you give, do so without attaching emotion to the recipient's reaction.  You know your gift came from a place of love, and that's what counts!

Set and stick to boundaries, particularly in the areas of eating, spending, exercising, and time.  Too much sugar/too many carbs and not enough cardiovascular exercise will run you down faster than Santa can call to his reindeer!  Treat yourself to a walk around the block; it's a mood regulator!  Discuss with family and friends ahead of time what the budget is for the holidays and stick to it!  Speaking of budgets, be sure to budget some time for yourself.  You don't have to accept every invitation that comes your way!  A healthy regimen of exercise, diet, and sleep will help your mental well-being.

Most importantly, be grateful. Start your day with a gratitude list.  When putting things in perspective and being in a space of gratitude, stress levels are diminished.