Counseling Services provided at BeMeBetter include child, adolescent, parent and family, and individual and group counseling, using safe and effective strategies for positive change and self-transformation.

We are dedicated to helping clients reach their highest potential, and utilize several well researched theories and styles. There simply is no “one size fits all” approach to counseling. Therefore, we work with each client to create a resonant, successful strategy for transformational change. Our clinicians are competent, compassionate and trustworthy professionals, dedicated to helping people lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Life Coaching

Life coaching/training differs from traditional therapy in that a formal therapeutic diagnosis is not required for services. A typical client may function well in many areas of life but need assistance in getting to the next level with a particular goal or challenge. We work with clients to define and set goals, create action plans, monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary to help ensure goals are achieved. Just as athletes and musicians benefit from coaching, so can most people benefit in their life satisfaction from working with our coaches.

Fitness Training

We offer a full spectrum of physical training programs, from basic conditioning to function well in everyday activities, all the way to advanced regimens for athletes and those wanting to push their fitness to the highest levels possible. ‘The body fuels the mind” is a profound saying, and we want to help you maintain your body in such a way that it can fuel all the dreams of your mind.

Group Therapy

Group therapy involves one or more therapists who lead a group of roughly 5 to 10 clients. Groups meet for an hour each week and are designed to target a specific problem. Groups are structured as either “Open”-clients can join and attend at any time, or “Closed”-clients start at the same time for a set amount of sessions designated by the facilitating therapist. The facilitating therapist and other members of the group often help you come up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge and hold you accountable along the way. Another benefit from group therapy is many times you may feel like the only one struggling and it can be a relief and learning experience to discover that your are not. Others discuss what they are also going through and how they are learning to manage the struggle, further building your social support network and coping skill set. If you should feel that group therapy is not enough, referrals for individual, family, and/or couples therapy are also available.

Massage Therapy

We encourage our clients to incorporate massage therapy into their weekly routine. This tension release, relaxation and sense of well-being that come from massage sessions are powerful reinforcements for staying on the personal development path. Treat yourself to the magic of massage as part of your BeMeBetter experience!



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